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application [info]nowhereislemods [Sep. 13th, 2015|08:30 pm]
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application [info]cardiffcentre [May. 31st, 2015|09:50 am]
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application [info]ohanamods [Apr. 19th, 2015|08:48 pm]
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Name: Amber
Age: Well over 18
Email: liveforthefight@gmail.com
AIM: iiveforthefight
Timezone: CST
Previous RP Experience: Loads
How did you hear about us?: Haha, is that a real queston?


Name: Davina Claire
Fandom: The Originals
Point in canon: 2.18 "Night Has a Thousand Eyes"
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Witch
Age: 17
Link to outside source: here
Personality: Davina is a very powerful young witch. She's not quite as powerful as she was before she died and came back, but that power was too much for her. She led a pretty sheltered life, previously. As one of the harvest girls, Davina was to be sacrificed but Marcel saved her. She was hidden away and the isolation definitely had an impact on her personality. She'd been betrayed by her own people, so that kind of messed her up too.

Davina is generally a good person, but she focuses on revenge for those she feels were wronged. There was a boy she liked named Tim, and Klaus killed him. She wants revenge on him, at just about any cost. Lately though, Davina has been aiding Klaus and his family, mainly because of her connection with Kol.

Davina is tired of losing people. She's now lost Tim and Kol. She's very powerful, but also young and more than a little insolent. She's made many mistakes, such as bringing Mikael back from the dead. She has more power and responsibility than anyone her age should have to handle.

Davina loves art and music, especially classical music. She is not like most teenage girls, and she doesn't feel very connected to them or most other people. She cares about Marcel, Josh, and Cami, but it isn't easy for her to make friends in New Orleans. It's a city at war and everyone has to choose a side. Davina doesn't quite know her place in all of it, but she'll do anything to protect those she cares about.
Journal: [info]harvestgirl
PB: Danielle Campbell
Third person writing sample: How about no?
Anything else: Available often, but I do work a full time job and suffer from migraines. Please be patient with me.
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application [info]notebook [Mar. 28th, 2015|10:55 am]
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[Mar. 13th, 2015|08:40 pm]
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